paintings, collages, marionettes and installations by Marianne van den Bergh

May 1-30-2015
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Witte de Withstraat 32A bg
1057XZ, Amsterdam
The Netherlands

2015 De Kunst van Herinneren ‘Descending’:
The marks indicating the measurements on an old cutting table have transformed into a stairwell. At the top, we glimpse a plaid skirt, white hair and hands gripping the stairwell.
It appears to be a long climb down and a long way back.The stairs creak under the weight of her memories. This piece is a portrait of the artist’s mother; a tribute to her mother,a Jewish Holocaust survivor.
This is but one of the many exceptional works that will be up for display in the MLB gallery throughout the month of May. Also featured: an elderly, American veteran who tells his story in a short marionette performance accompanied by a musical ensemble named “Accordéon Mélancolique”. 
Marianne van den Bergh completed her training at the State Academy for Visual Art in Amsterdam (1965-1970). Several years later, she moved to New York City. Now, she divides her time between these two cultural hubs.
The complexity of war recurs as a theme in van den Bergh’s work as she creates spaces to tell its stories and moments to honor freedom.
Van den Bergh captured her own post-Holocaust mourning in her series “To the Grandparents I Never Knew” (1981-1984). In her current exhibit, she addresses war, remembrance and freedom on both a personal and universal level. Her mixed media works tell the stories of diverse victims of war. In three of her paintings, we see a letter, written by her mother in 1945 interspersed with a mix of pastels, collage and gouache on paper. This work represents “the survivors”.
MvdBergh Stowaway A video-installation tells the story of a present day refugee: a young girl, a stowaway who is sailing from Misrata, Libya to Lampedusa,Italy in a cardboard box. She makes up part of “the unstoppable stream of refugees” who the artist’s mother witnessed at a packed train station during the liberation of 1945. Situating this contemporary stowaway in the context of this 1945 letter reveals that the “stream of refugees” the artists mother witnessed is, indeed, ultimately “endless” as it is still ongoing.
Using traditional marionette techniques she studied in Prague as well as influences of various modern art movements, van den Bergh created “The Loyal Bureaucrat” and “The Liberator”, a now elderly American veteran in a wheelchair. In a brief performance, van den Bergh brings to life this man’s memories of the sea and of the war.
The Veteran
Marionette performance with live music 
May 4 2015, performances at 21:00 en 21:30
Puppetry, design, story and performance: Marianne van den Bergh
Musicians: Jean Pierre Guiran & Cherie de Boer van het gezelschap Accordéon Mélancolique.
Witte de Withstraat 32A bg
1057XZ, Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Recommended for adults and accompanied children
The performance will run twice and had a duration of 10 minutes
The live music by the duo “Accordéon Mélancolique” connects the two performances during the intermission Admission is free of charge. Donations are welcome.
2015-De Kunst van Herinneren He is an elderly Second World War veteran marine. Here he sits, wheelchair bound, harmonica in his lap, still proud of his uniform, day in day out, in a home for elderly veterans.
One evening, he hears the melody  “La Mer”(Ch. Trenet) and, as he listens, some part of himself awakens.
This springs him into action. He begins to salute from within his wheelchair. Slowly but surely, his stiff, aged body comes to life and he rides out of the chair. The memory of “la Mer” — the sea brings unpredictable dance steps to his feet. He waltzes slowly and contentedly back to his chair.
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2015 De Kunst van Herinneren